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MGSW Dip. Couns. AEB

Valerie Hardware

MGSW Dip. Couns. AEB

Proprietor of Potential Unlimited

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I'm Valerie Hardware, spiritual medium, counsellor, public speaker and author. For over 27 years I’ve had the privilege of providing accurate and meaningful life guidance for people from all walks of life. By way of presenting spiritual discovery seminars to the public and serving churches as a platform speaker/demonstrator, I am committed to helping the Angels spread messages about their existence and to provide evidence that life is continuous.

I also provide a free distant healing intercession service for people and animals. This is complementary to treatment received from GP’s and veterinarians and must not be used as an alternative. There can be no guarantee of outcomes, but if you feel that my intercession has made a difference, then I am always delighted to hear about this. Please simply contact me and provide the recipients first name, situation and contact details*. This is a highly confidential service (*other than risk of harming yourself or others) you are welcome to ask for unlimited situations.

How does it work? I sit in the peace and silence, open in prayer, read the name and situation aloud and then visualise a waterfall of healing light and energy cascading over and through the name. At the end of the intercession I ask for a blessing and then simply hand over to the Divine, in trust for the best possible outcome. It is a simple process that anyone can use, and I encourage you to try this too. Sometimes there can be disappointment that any form of healing hasn’t worked in the way that we had hoped. My view is that we cannot know what a soul’s pattern of life path is, but over the years I have received strong evidence that the healing power of prayer is never wasted - it can make a difference, even if to give extra strength, resolve and comfort.            

My confidential personal readings service is a blend of practical and spiritual guidance.

I work predominantly with clients in the UK but over the years my service has extended worldwide (mostly by recommendation) to include Portugal, Southern Ireland, Kenya, Brazil and the USA. Time and distance are not a problem so wherever you are based I would love to help you.

I specialise in telephone and MP3 audio email readings. Over the years I have developed a solution-focused, unique system which my clients tell me is very effective. My aim is for your reading to leave you feeling empowered and ready to make the best decisions and choices for yourself. For full details please visit my Consultations page where you can read a Case Study of my work and Testimonials pages, to see what my clients are saying.

My personal consultations, discovery Angel seminars, (Events) intuition with spiritual development workbook and guided meditation Audo CD can be used as powerful tools. They are designed to inspire, heal and empower you, to bring benefit to every aspect of your life.

I am also pleased to support charity events so please do get in touch to discuss how I can help you.


*We have just opened a spiritual giftware service, ( the website being currently under construction. Our aim is to provide a wide range of beautiful, quality giftware and related products which reflect spirituality and upliftment, so I am currently busily sourcing and buying stock. Products will be available at seminars and events.

At least once a week on my Blog I will be sharing personal reflections, stories and insights which I would love to receive your comments on. Read more….

Please do enjoy exploring my website and contact me if you require further information.

To give you an insight into my style and ideas I have written a free guide: '7 Powerful Steps To Connect You To Your Inner Guide '. To receive a copy please press the download button above and your guide will be available to you in seconds.

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